Welcome to Academy of Art & Design®

We offer several professional courses in art, design and allied fields. We are committed to providing our students with quality & professional educational experience. Many opportunities to enhance your education are provided beyond the traditional classroom experience. You’ll have the opportunity to participate in profession related organizations, specialized workshops, guest lectures, field trips, and study programs.

Selecting a career in ART & DESIGN can be the correct choice for you if you desire to be in a creative field that combines artistic abilities with technical knowledge and skills.

These are exhilarating times. Life moves fast and is ever-changing. Every day we are bombarded with information and images that stimulates and energizes our imagination. In this exciting climate, design professionals are being called upon to bring order to the environments that we experience daily-the places we live, work and play. Academy of Art & Design is devoted to preparing students and professionals to respond and compete in this expanding field. This is an exciting time. You are on the threshold of an important decision. Clearly one of the most important decisions that you’ll ever have to make. Your “CAREER.”

We have also started short-term professional courses, which may be of your interest. You can take admission in any of our professional course and avail the best education in the field. We recommend that you apply early no matter what course you are interested. Call on 0091 9987002023 / 2771 4343 to discuss getting started today or for further details, WhatsApp your name, course, location & email id on 00919987002023.

Our expert core faculties :

Ms. Shabnam Deshmukh, Director – Fashion Design & Technology –

Responsible for generating good clientele for our ever-growing business. She is a visiting faculty in many reputed colleges in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai.

Prof. Salam Khan, HOD – Interior Design & Space Management –

Responsible for achieving the set target and developing new designs & layouts. He is a visiting lecturer many reputed colleges in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai.